The voice of
future financial markets

International Digital Securities Alliance (IDSA) is a global alliance of leading industry experts, practitioners, regulators and financial institutions in the digital securities space. It works towards establishing common standards and building trust in next-generation digital capital markets. Multiple angles from technology to regulation and global interoperability are addressed.

MissionOur mission is to provide a platform for open dialogue and work towards a common understanding and globally accepted standards. This will foster capital formation and growth of the digital securities space.




The IDSA brings together players in the digital securities ecosystem. It represents the common interests of leading global financial market participants. It advocates the need for identifying market risks and eliminating them in their infancy. With the objective of creating seamless cross-border capital flows, the IDSA aims to benefit market participants by effectively linking them and contributing to the growth and maturation of the space.

Insights: Why is
IDSA needed?

The era of digital assets

With the world still coming to terms with the implications of bitcoin, we are still in a very nascent stage when it comes to the digital securities landscape. The exponential rise of digital assets has come to pose great challenges to government regulators while the market participants are clueless as to how to go about seeking compliance. Enters the IDSA.

Creating a structure

The whole space is untapped and complicated. Whether it’s commodities or currency, there is no hierarchy in place, no ways of tackling government regulations. This stands in the way of market integrity and thus needs to be disposed of.

Lack of innovation

The industry players are in a fix over the various possibilities that digital securities have opened for the world. There is no roadmap or rules which govern this domain. This lack of direction and persisting ambiguity over the market and assets also brings with it the risk of fraudulent transactions and scams. So, we want to contemplate with leading experts and players how this situation can be tackled best.